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    Powder Metallurgy Sintering Furnace
    Ammonia Dissociator
    Exothermic Gas Generator Parameters
    Car Bottom Furnace
    Aluminum Brazing Furnace
    Electrically Heated High Temperature Brazing Furnace
    Gas-Electric Hybrid Aluminum Brazing Furnace
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    Aojie-made Brazing Furnaces:

  • Aojie is the No. 1 in domestic market share of fluid torque converter brazing.

  • Aojie is the No. 1 in domestic market share of stainless steel fuel vehicle distributor brazing.

  • Aojie is the No. 1 in domestic market share of gas heater heat exchanger brazing.

    The outstanding achievements have attracted vast attention in the field. Aojie keeps on making technical communication and cooperation with well-known enterprises all over the world.

    Based on high technology, insisting on developing in the field of Brazing and Heat Treatment is the most important principle of Aojie all along. Aojie boasts an abundance of professional technicians with profound expertise. Striving for perfection and innovation, Aojie has obtained many invention patents and utility patents.

    Following Aojie’s Spirit “Hard Working Every Day, Making Progress Every Day” and Aojie’s Aim “The First Class Service, The Best Quality”, let’s create new future together.

    Iranian Iran Shargh Neishabour Corporation had been established the last century 70's, is the Middle East scale biggest specialized manufacture heat interchanger factory, its product has sold in distant markets countries and so on the Asia and Europe.This company in at the beginning of 2008 seeks the appropriate supplier in the global

  • With Company carries on the exchange and the cooperation with American Lu Kasi

    Italian AV Corporation comes China to visit Aojie Company

    With the Japanese mountain clear technical personnel and Aojie retinue outstanding general manager and so on 7 people, both sides on topics and so on braze welding technology, economic cooperation have carried out the economical technological exchange and the business discussion

    American FUSION Corporation comes visiting the personnel and Aojie general manager carries on the technological exchange

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