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    Production site Production site

    1. Production site and testing, vigorous production site and orderly processing site

    2. In order to ensure the levelness and straightness of the equipment, all the equipment of our company is made on the steel reference platform, which can guarantee the levelness and straightness of the whole production line ±0.2mm and ±0.2mm respectively

    C. Integral test method -- put the blocked muff into the pool as a whole and pressurize it to 0.3mpa. Test the leakage as a whole and hold the pressure for 0.5 hours to prevent possible leakage in other positions except welding seam

    3. Rigorous detection methods

    For the whole system, the air tightness leak inspection of muffle must be strictly carried out at the manufacturing site before delivery. The leak detection method used is one or more of the following combination of simultaneous use, or even all use, until the customer approves the result.

    Bubble detection method → color penetration method → whole test method → helium leak test method

    A. Bubble detection method -- inject compressed air into the sealed muffin, brush glass water at the welding seam for observation and pressure maintenance;

    B. Dye penetration method -- clean the weld as the inspection side, coat it with whitewash powder, and coat the back side of the weld with kerosene with high permeability after being dried, so that the surface is sufficiently infiltrated and penetrates for half an hour, depending on whether the place coated with whitewash powder has any oil stains. No oil stain is qualified, when there is oil stain should be further identified infiltration channels and treatment.

    D. Helium leak detection method -- helium gas with a concentration of over 10% is injected into the sealed muffin and detected by Agilent (phd-4) helium leak detector

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